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Fifty Shades of Grey  - E.L. James I hated this book. It was only sheer perseverance that kept me going, but there was no enjoyment in the process at all. I was under the illusion that erotica is meant to make you aroused. Sadly, this book did not do the trick. Instead, it reads like it was written by a high school girl, with access to some dirty magazines. I don't know how a sex scenes should be written, but they should definitely not be written like this! The characters are, predictably enough, shallow and underdeveloped. Anastasia is a bookish, shy girl with multiple personality disorder (there is the normal her, the goddess and the sarcastic subconscious). She is corrupted by the evil, cold but handsome and rich Christian. He, of course, has a dark past that has shaped him into the cruel and distant man he is today. He sets about to deflower our heroine and turn her into his submissive. After the first two sex scenes, I pretty much gave up on reading the rest because they were so badly written. This allowed me to move much quicker through the book than I would have otherwise done, as I really didn't pick it up very often. The storyline is preposterous and predictable at the same time. Within the first 20 pages, Anastasia keeps telling us that there has never ever never been a man who has made her feel this way, that she's never met a man that she felt so very "whoa!" about and that this sort of behaviour is really not like her at all. She goes on and on and on about this until, as a reader, you sort of want to scream "Enough! I get the point!"There is drama and suspense and the last 5 pages allow for the fastest movement of plot in the whole book. It's almost as if the author had run out of steam or time or energy. But, of course, we need to read the next two books to see what happens to Anastasia and Christian and if their love is true and virtuous after all. But the book spends too much explaining the simple and evident, while leaving our characters dull and two-dimensional. I won't even go into the dialogue and the inner-dialogue Ana has with herself because I might start writing some very angry words. But to keep it simple: the dialogue stinks.If you value your time, I would really not bother reading this book.