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Major Pettigrew's Last Stand - Helen Simonson The book's predictable plot is easy enough to follow and the language is interesting and, at times, playful. However, the author set the novel in the modern times but all the British people seem to have attitudes from the 50s. Other than Roger, the annoying financier son, there is little in there that I recognise as being England. Maybe things are a bit more outdated in Sussex. Also, if the Major is all proper British, like, he wouldn't say "cilantro", he'd say "coriander", as he's looking at all the spices Mrs Ali digs out. I know coriander might have the reader scrambling for their dictionary, but if the author tries to make everything "authentic" down to the disgust felt by the Major for a tea-in-a-tea-bag cup of tea, she should remember the correct words for various things. It sounds like I really hated the book when I didn't. I simply thought it ok.