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The Sisters Brothers - Patrick deWitt The Sisters brothers are hired mercenaries by The Commodore. They do his dirty work during the Gold Rush of 1851. But along the way, the younger of the two, Eli, begins to question his life and his life of violence. The book takes us along with Charlie and Eli as they chase down a comically-named man, Hermann Kermit Warm, across the Oregon border into California. As the reader, we get a glimpse of the madness that overtook the men and women during the Gold Rush. This is a fantastic book, well-written and funny in places. The underlying sadness of Eli's lack of happiness with his life carries through all the brothers' adventures. This book was shortlisted for the 2011 Booker prize. I've not read the winner yet (The Sense of an Ending) but I'm surprised this one didn't win after all.